Pricing - Services - Expectations

November 2011: We are now moving into a full-blown two year Pilot Phase.

We are asking schools to commit to a two-year contract, at the rate of $5,000/year. For that, we need 25 participating schools that will be part of the consortium that provides the following:

  • Each participating school will have the ability to reserve for in-class use a block of guaranteed sessions to allow for use of the virtual computer lab for face-to-face instruction
  • Additional outside of class reserved access to the shared facility will be possible for some uses, and unreserved seats will always be available on a first-come, first-served basis for students or faculty wanting to use course software
  • In addition to supporting the use of specialized academic software on virtual machines, LabSTOR will provide access to high performance computing resources
    During this pilot phase, participating schools are expected to
    1. Build their own images (with support from the community)
    2. Provide a project manager
    3. Manage software licenses with vendors

    A more detailed description of the pilot project can be found here .